How to Make Winter Squash Milk Tea

Squash Milk Tea


  • 1kg squash / or zucchini (*)
  • 2 arhats
  • 20 jujubes
  • Condensed milk with sugar/or fresh milk according to taste
  • Black sugar 3Q pearls (crispy pearls, very delicious, I bought a 40K package ready to eat at MAY Shop – Cake Makers ship to your place)
  • Black jelly


  • Wash the squash thoroughly before peeling. Save the squash skin, put it in the pot.
  • Grate the squash flesh. Because this is a zucchini, the meat is soft, if simmered together, it is easy to get sour and cloudy due to being crushed, so it will be scraped and kept separately!
  • The intestines and pumpkin seeds are always used! Cut into pieces and put in the pot with the pumpkin skin.
  • Arhat fruit. Break the shell. Choosing ripe, old, hard-shelled gifts with black flesh will be sweeter and more watery in color. Peel, shred the intestines, and put in the pot.
  • Add some sticky rice leaves for fragrance! If making with squash, at this step you always add the squash meat to the stew and you’re done! Very simple. Fill it with water (about 1.5l – 2l of water) and you’re done. This time, I did not add red apples. But the next time I cut it small, I found it to be sweeter and more fragrant. Remember to cut the apples into small pieces!
  • Cook on low heat for 4 hours and you’re done. Without this pot. Cook in a cast iron or regular pot on low heat for about 4 hours! After cooking, remove the residue, drain the clear water to cool, then pour into a bottle to keep cool in the refrigerator for 7-10 days.
  • Cook on low heat until the squash is clear and soft, then puree. Leave to cool and store separately, when serving, mix with the tea.
  • If you only drink squash tea: mix a few tablespoons of high tea with water, ice, and pumpkin juice (if you cook zucchini) and you will have a delicious cold glass.
  • And if making squash milk tea, then the ratio is as follows:
    • 2-3 large spoons of squash + 1 spoon of pumpkin juice (if making zucchini).
    • 2-3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk.
    • 50ml water.
    • Ice cubes, crispy black sugar pearl topping, An Cao Bang jelly.
    • Depending on the taste, mix to taste.
    • If you like, you can use fresh milk instead of condensed milk.

A cup of squash tea every day cools down and purifies the body. After a period of use, you will feel a positive change in your body. Hopefully, the above method of making squash milk tea will help your summer drink list become richer and more diverse. Good luck.