How to Make Delicious Red Bean Milk Tea

Red Bean Milk Tea

Red Bean Milk Tea is a popular drink, loved by many people. It is a combination of fragrant milk tea and sweet red beans, making it a delicious and refreshing beverage. If you want to learn how to make Red Bean Milk Tea at home, this article will guide you step-by-step.


  • 50g red beans
  • 2 black tea bags
  • 200ml fresh milk
  • 300ml water
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • Ice cubes


Step 1: Soak the red beans in water for about 4 hours or overnight, then rinse them thoroughly.

Step 2: Boil the red beans in 300ml of water until they become soft, then add the brown sugar and cook for another 5 minutes.

Step 3: Turn off the heat and let the red beans cool down. Once cooled, put the red beans into a blender and blend until it becomes a smooth paste.

Step 4: Boil 200ml of fresh milk and let it cool down.

Step 5: Boil 300ml of water and steep the black tea bags for 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and let the tea cool down.

Step 6: Mix the red bean paste, black tea, and milk together in a shaker or blender.

Step 7: Add ice cubes to the mixture and shake well.

Step 8: Pour the Red Bean Milk Tea into a cup and serve.

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can easily make Red Bean Milk Tea at home. Enjoy the delicious and refreshing taste of this popular beverage.